Many of my short stories and other writings have been produced as zines. The zine and independent publishing community in Australia has been such an important part of my development as a writer. For the sense of egalitarian creative community, possibilities for participation and sharing of ideas. More particularly, Emma Davidson and Tim Othy, both artists and writers and founders of Take Care Zines Distro and Other Worlds ZIne Fair (Sydney), once wrote a descriptor for one of my zines that really articulated what I was doing. It set me on my way with my short story collection-in-progress.


Here is a review of some of my zines on Concrete Playground and also a short article by the ABC about the Zine and Independent Comics Symposium 2014, which I was fortunate to be part of co-coordinating.

My zines have been distributed by Take Care Zine Distro (Sydney), Sticky Institute (Melbourne), Aunty Mabel's Zine Distro (Perth) and Format Collective (Adelaide), Junky Comics and Microcosm Publishing (Portland, U.S.A.). Here is a list my zines to date:

2017    In My Father's Village (long short story). Produced at and for a House Conspiracy residency. Launched at the Zine and Independent Comics Symposium 2017. A coming-of-age story of a girl dealing with her roots, patriarchy, family relations and cultural identity.

2017    Shoes That Go Krtz-Krtz (short story). A grandfather spends all of his days in the chicken coop. A granddaughter wants to find out why.

2014    The Menkas (short story) Based on a teensy bit of truth, this a cautionary tale about having a wife and pet bear who share the same name.


2014    What I've Read So Far Of Yours, It Sounds Like Every Man In Macedonia Hit On You (short story) Take a walk on the wildside at the Macedonian Poetry Festival.


2014    Lezbianka (short story) Set in contemporary suburban Australia, this story explores the way the world seems when you are a child, when you don’t understand the words that grown ups say or why they say them.


2013    Bunny Men (short story) A tale about two old widowers who keep what must be a very large rabbit.


2013    Everyone Tonight In The Street! (short story) A story about a young woman who leaves newly-freed, 1970s post-Franco Spain to see the world.


2013    Walnuts, Almonds, Nuts (short story)  A young, female traveller befriends an older Macedonian man in Ohrid and discovers some strange truths.


2013    Anti-Journey (short story) An ordinary day with three friends – when life is just what it is.


2012    Prison in Macedonia (short story) When you go to prison in Macedonia, apparently, you have to take your own cup, bowl and spoon.


2012    I Am Natasha (short story) In an old Communist-era flat, a woman breaks free of old ways of thinking that stop her from being free.


2012    Very Briefly, Birds (short story) A true story about a mysterious bird who once came to visit a girl I know.


2012    Well, That Was Weird (collection of short stories) Some very short stories about some strange happenings.


2010    To Praise is the Thing (long narrative poem) A story about an unlikely friendship over a summer fruitpicking in Donnybrook, W.A.


2009    House (short story) Some stories about some of the houses I lived in as a child, and what happened in them.


2009    Not Broken, But Opened (short story)


2009    Poems I've Lived With (short story)


2008    Briefly, Birds (suite of interconnected prose poetry and poems) The prequel to Very Briefly, Birds.