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Prison in Macedonia

When you go to prison in Macedonia, apparently, you have to take your own cup, bowl and spoon.


First published in Transnational Literature in 2012. I also self-published it as a zine in 2012.


Zharko, Alek and I are sitting together on this warm summer night under a dudinka, a mulberry tree, enjoying some rakija, home brew, soda and wine. The Ohrid lakeside breeze is blowing gently over us and Alek, with wry eyes, is telling me, he is telling us (me and Zharko) about prison in Macedonia. From experience. How you have to take your own cup and bowl and spoon.

I'm not sure whether to laugh.


'Seriously. Why would I lie? And all they give you to eat, in your bowl, if you are lucky enough to have one, is boiled mung beans and beetroot. As if you are an animal on a farm.'

Zharko's elastic face chuckles into sudden creases and lines...

Click here to read the whole story at Transnational Literature. For free. You can also contact me for a copy of the zine.

#Zines #Macedonia #Shortstory

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